Walter Tamboer

Software Engineer

That's me
That's me!
My name is Walter Tamboer. Currently I am working for Spil Games, a dutch game developer located in Hilversum. While working in the web development and game development branch I gained a lot of experience; this ranges from leading a small team of people to working with advanced software such as the XBOX 360 SDK (XDK), working with the Unreal Engine 3 and Maya plug-in development.


Lead Game Developer at Spil Games

June 2013 till present

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Lead Developer at Polder Knowledge

September 2010 till June 2013

As a lead developer at Polder Knowledge I was responsible for the technical quality of an in house made application framework. This was a very broad framework which could be used to create simple websites or complex CMS and CRM applications for example.

Programmer at Playlogic Game Factory

October 2008 till August 2010

I worked at Playlogic Game Factory as a game programmer. During this time I worked on the game EyePet. I also got the chance to work on the Move launch title EyePet Move.

Programmer at Coded Illusions

May 2006 till October 2008

Coded Illusions offered my first game development job. This was a big step in my young programming career. I learned so much here of which I still benefit these days.

Developer at 42 Answers

January 2005 till September 2006

My first real job was at 42 Answers as a web developer. I started here as a programmer and not much later I moved on in a lead development role. I am very happy for the people I have met there because they made great web applications.


Development Techniques

I like to teach!

With over 10 years of development experience I have dealt with many problems. I have read even more about them and have a wide range of expertise in order to solve development problems. Whether it is by applying design patterns or choosing development methods such as Agile Software Development, I'm your guy!

Game Development

I know that game!

My game development career started at Coded Illusions. This is where I got an internship and after that a full time job. During my internship I worked on an home made engine and I also did a lot of tool work using Maya's MEL. Once I got a full time job, I started working on a game using Unreal Engine 3. Unfortunately Coded Illusions filed for bankruptcy in 2008 and the game we were working on got cancelled.

After Coded Illusions I found a job at Playlogic Game Factory, there I started working on a game called EyePet. This game has been made in collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment (London Studio) and has sold about 1 million copies world wide.

Web Development

I rock!

My interest for computers started when I was 15 years young. I will never forget how my first website looked like. It was about the game Operation Flashpoint and got hosted at Geocities, good times. Shortly after that I got a job where I could work as a PHP programmer at a local web developer. I worked there for several years and also took on a lead role as to technical decisions.


Bachelor in ICT

Hogeschool Rotterdam, 2011

At the Rotterdam University I followed the study Software Engineering. I did this study during evening hours. In 2008 I paused my education since I got the chance to work on the game EyePet at Playlogic Game Factory. A year and a half later I resumed my education again in order to finish it.

ICT Manager

Zadkine Rotterdam, 2006

I followed a study to become an ICT manager. This study included courses like ITIL, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA 1, CCNA 2, CCNA 3 and CCNA 4) and database management.


EyePet Move

Playlogic Game Factory, 2010

EyePet Move is the second version of the game EyePet. The move edition is basically the same but with some new mini games included. It also has support for 3D televisions and it was one of the release games for the Move controller.


Playlogic Game Factory, 2010

EyePet is a game about a little furry animal. At the end of 2011 around 940.000 copies have been sold and a platinum version of this game was released. EyePet has been a collaboration between Sony Computer Entertainment (London Studio) and Playlogic Game Factory.

Haven / Nomos

Coded Illusions, cancelled

Haven was the first game which I have worked on. Later it was renamed to Nomos. Unfortunately this game never made it to the shops since Coded Illusions went bankrupt.